A downloadable Scavenger for Windows

You are a scavenger, retrieving power cores from an abandoned space station. As you retrieve the cores, you are pulling power directly out of the ship - making it darker and reducing the oxygen levels on the station.

Standard first person controls, WASD to move around, mouse to aim and shoot. Holding the E key will open the Main door back to the airlock and also retrieve the power cores.

Survive the scavenge on the space station, retrieving either 3, 6, 9 or 12 cores (depending on the difficulty you pick). Kill the spiders that are attacking you - you will need to find ammo in order to do this! If you don’t you’re probably gonna have a bad time.

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract the .exe and data folder, ensure they're next to each other (don't move stuff about) and run the .exe!


Scavenger 165 MB

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